Lights and Shadows
About me

Passionate Candid, People, capturing the moment photography.  An all round nice fella​

Since every day is always something new, I never leave the flat without my camera. I’ve been tripping the shutter release every day since 2012 and have captured enormous amount of strong images ever since. I love people in general so any type of photography that involves people from lifestyle, wedding, portrait, boudoir etc. comes second nature to me.
A chef ones told me you can only create a great dish with a good quality raw ingredients. I’ve always put that practice into my photography “you can only create a strong picture with good raw image” No cooking with photo shop skills can do this for you.
hank for visiting my site. Just remember even if you choose not to use my services, please ensure to get somebody to record your moment. It’s important.


About my Partner

Before I moved to London, I was a journalist and photographer for six years for several different Slovenian magazines. Working in all sorts of environments I learned how to prepare myself for a projects, how to manage difficult situations, and how to see and show the story from different angles.

Photography has now been a part of my life for many years. However it is only since I moved to the UK, that I manage to find the courage and admit to myself that I want more from my pictures. I want to capture love.

Moving to the UK has also brought into my life an amazing person who believes in me, more then I believe into myself. His name is James. Lucky for me, James also loves photography and is a photographer himself. Together, with our love we are trying to capture yours in our photographs.